Friday, April 28, 2017

A New Project for the Frugal Retiree??

So today, it's fifty degrees here in the Mile High city-and dropping fast. We expect between three and seven inches of snow.  I expect a low of twenty five or so this evening. That may not sound that cold for many of you. We, however, have had seventy and eighty degrees since February, which means a bunch of plants are probably going to die. I'm just praying I won't loose a tree branch from wet snow. Seriously,  there are ups and downs to living in any place-but living in an area where it dropped twenty degrees in less than half an hour makes life interesting.

A new project requires a new notebook.  Too many notebooks you say?? Never!
Now, Denver is a beautiful town, and like many towns, there are always deals and freebies and fun things to take advantage of. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of ways to find what is out there. And when there is such a page in the paper, or a web page or blog, they are not just few and far between. They are very oriented to young families.  Seriously. I am using a Dallas based web page to find almost every freebie and deal that is not extremely specific to Denver.

Which brings me to a possible project.  Possible I said, folks! For some time I have been considering a web page. Honestly, I'm unsure if it would be a blog or something else. Whatever it is, it would be a "Denver on the Cheap" kind of website. In my vision, this blog (or web page) would have the typical grocery deals and freebies that other pages have.  But it would also be heavy on ways to "do things on the cheap". Like, by combing a Regal gift card purchased through a reward website, using Regal rewards and going to the movies on Friday morning, you could end up seeing the movie and having soda and popcorn basically for free. The blog would be user friendly, fun, informative and more.

Again, this is merely a vision at this point. I have however, put out feelers both on my Next Door site and via some word of mouth and garage sale Facebook sites to test out interest.

Last week, I wrote about keeping space in retirement. Plenty of space. This project would seem to contradict that. On the one hand, I hesitate to take on another project. I'm working on becoming more active on this blog and going back to the roots of Living Richly in Retirement. I'm in the project of writing a Christmas book heavy on handmade gifts and I'm traveling more than I have in the past few years (more on that later).  

If it's a holiday, it's deserving of a decorated cookie. Just saying.

There are other parts of my life as well. I just got these fabrics to make a Star Wards yoga mat bag for my eldest. The peach is for a kimono style top. I'm knitting. I'm taking a drawing class. And the past week I've binge watched a TV series and read a book or two. In other words, there's not much chance of boredom settling in. Oh, and I am slowly baking cookies for tasting, since I silent auction off five trays of cookies every year. 

When your thirty someting daughter askes for peach, mint and anything Star Wars!

New Yarn to play with spa cloths

On the other hand, this is an area where I excel (no false modesty here, oh no indeed).  Most of the time when I talk about frugal finances on this blog it is with regard to general issues that apply to all. Rarely do I get specific, except when I get a request or do the new Five Frugal Things. But trust me, for just an hour a week, I manage to access unlimited freebies and discounts, like my day of freebies. This is a topic on which I know a great deal, both in terms of general cheapness, and local cheapness-for lack of a better expression. And last but not least, I will be giving up my Monday class (three hours of attendance and six hours of homework weekly). Like the one in one out theory of possessions, I am getting rid of one commitment for another. 

Also, for the most part I have avoided monetizing on this blog, for a variety of reasons. I have hosted some giveaways, and expect to host some sponsored content and other types of things here in a small way soon. A blog with different content could, at some point, become monetized if I choose (although that is far from being the primary reason for this new endeavour). It's something to consider.

Meanwhile, I'm letting it sit on the back burner, in my "mental computer" if you will.  As I have time I'll write some articles, see what the demand is, and see if anyone else is interested on co-authoring as I go on this possible journey.

Tonight we're having chicken, and tomorrow homemade minestrone. I have books, knitting, sewing, a TV show or two and dogs and blankets to cuddle with. Add that to tea, hot chocolate, comfort food and wine, and what's a day or two of snow in the overall picture!!

Especially as it should be close to seventy by Tuesday at the latest.


  1. I hope you don't get as much snow as is being predicted. What you get we seem to get a few days to a week later.

    God bless.

    1. Jackie I think we are just looking at around seven. But its heavy wet snow and after everything is leafed out.

  2. Replies
    1. Amen my dear@ More than that, let me not lose a tree branch from this heavy wet snow.

  3. "Denver Deals" I love it!
    We were 92 today and looking at the same tomorrow if it does not rain tonight. Snow seems crazy from my vantage point. I do remember it snowed almost every graduation day in Flagstaff (around May 15th). Denver weather is about the same. Good luck with the trees.

    1. Yep, im hoping. On the other hand it does mean we wont have crabapples.

  4. This sounds like you could produce a very useful website/blog. It is hot and muggy here, 90 tomorrow and tornadoes Sunday night, well tornado chances.

  5. Wow snow! I thought we had it bad. We are still getting rain and I had to turn on the heat today. I'm so tired of the long Winter already. I need some sunshine.

    I know you've said you take time off and don't push yourself but your schedule from my perspective is extremely full. Power to you for having the energy.

    1. And it's basically gone 24 hous later, typical in Denver! tomorrow it will be at least sixty again. Really, I have four three to four out of the house things a week and that is it. I don't consider the things I work at at home on my own time to be as difficult.

  6. I think your website is a good idea and a highly appropriate subject for monetizing. Good luck!

  7. I totally love the idea of your Denver Deals, and your blog is very cool! Like you, I spend a lot of time on using coupons to get deals, and finding freebies whenever possible. For me, it's not only a way to save much needed cash, but a rush of excitement. Keep doing what you do! Hugs...RO

  8. Hi Barbara! Why not? The nice thing about life these days is we can try something on for size to see how we feel about it--and if it doesn't fit--we can always change our mind. The big thing is to approach it from a frugal perspective (meaning keep your costs as low as possible) and give it a try... On the surface it sounds like a great idea but only you can decide if it's something that brings you both joy and cash flow. ~Kathy


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