Saturday, April 15, 2017

A Spring Goal-Or Two

Easter has always been the beginning of spring. While it may officially begin on a day in March, for me spring begins with that holiday. This year, Easter is almost as late as it can come, and in order to make it feel more springy, Denver has been averaging in the seventies for months. Of course, because this is Denver, we can still have a storm as late as early May!

Tonight and tomorrow's evening services bring to the end an active week here at Chez Barb. While  I have not been to church every night (because of my pain meds after my injury), I did only manage to miss one. Churchgoers among my readers may understand that I cannot do the "Alleluias" today and tomorrow without observing all the things that got us there-from the way of the cross to Maunday Thursday to Good Friday.

This warm weather has inspired me to set myself a few goals this spring.  To be honest, I am not a goal setter as such. I am however, one of those for whom if it doesn't get written down, it won't be done.  Annual goals for me are too long. I want to see some results in a short time.  Deciding how many goals to set is always difficult. In this case, even though I am starting late for the season, I figure each season is about 13 weeks. Ad in an extra goal or so, and there you have it.  

  1. Aim for a basic goal of five dollars daily by passive means:  Five dollars a day is $150 a month, and is money that I earn through no real effort other than an occasional click or reset on my phone.
  2. Begin a new, non-walking (or at least not walking outside) exercise and health routine.  I love to walk, truly. but the risks to my falling down are too much and on the bad days, walking is out completely. I've begun to explore Silver Sneakers, chair aerobics and walking in the water as part of an alternative fitness program. I'll need different routines depending on the pain level of the day, so this could take awhile.
  3. Finish at least two homemade/handmade gifts. The first gift is the shawl/poncho that I shared on the previous blog post.  The second is a "year of outings" which I'll share more about shortly.
  4. Write daily-with intent. I do free writing fairly often, and thsat has value.  I well remember those "morning pages" from the Artists Way.  That kind of writing is important when it comes to learning about oneself and when used as a spiritual practice.  But I am writing both a craft book and a memoir, and so these days that is the kind of writing I need to do every day.
  5. Completely declutter and streamline and deep clean sewing and bedroom.  While I appreciate the bloggers who promise to completely declutter their homes, room by room in 12 weeks, that is not me. With these two rooms, I will be ruthless, she says! Prepare to see embarrassing progress pictures, she says!
  6. Get at least seven hours of sleep every night.  My pot and CBD have improved my sleep more than I can ever say.  But I am a night owl and I live with folks who are early risers. I need to get that pot effect earlier so by the time I am wakened I have had that sleep time. A little less night owlish, perhaps?
  7. Turn my unused stash into $400: My sewing room has a large closet and more fabric, yarn and scrap booking paper and art supplies than one woman can use. Some of the fabric I have love and will keep. Other pieces, including scraps, can be turned into items to sell on my Facebook page or blog or put away as gift. 
  8. Complete a rough outline and at least two sections of my crafting book. Writing a craft pattern or book takes time, as the directions and the project itself have to be tested, reworked, retested....
  9. Take at least one local adventure weekend a month:  While long term travel is fun and wonderful, my goal is to take more "long weekend trips", be they to Santa Fe, North Dakota,or to Aspen. Truthfully while it's only an hour away, the Broadmoore resort is high on my list. Dinner, Brunch, the full spa experience and Old Colorado city-what more could you want.
  10. Completely plan my fall train trip.  I am not usually an advance planner. But since I am attempting to use a rail pass and do all the math in my head about how long I'll be where (since many trains arrive at odd times of the day), I need to get my itinerary soon.
  11. Make two items for my church annual silent auction.  Every summer my church holds a silent auction of both services and items. Last year I gave away many trays of Christmas cookies and a team bedding set. Time to decide what the giveaway this year is.
  12. Finish updating the blog completely.  There have been some small changes already, such as my updating the sidebar, but it's time to get more involved with some larger changes. I expect sitting on the patio in Texas and being the dog whisper-er to four dogs for a week will give me plenty of time for this.
  13. Aim for a use it up month in June, in every sense.  Traditionally I have not been a huge fan of no spend days or months as such.  But for me, this goal meshes with the streamlining I've been doing. This does not mean that I will necessarily do without, but that I will see how long I can go using and repurposing what I have. For example, my small chest freezer is full, and I have no idea what's on the bottom.  
  14. Compete at least one full online class.  I have probably nine classes in my watch list on the Great Courses (more about that later). I want to completely finishing my drawing class, or at least go the equivalent of one semester,
  15. Discern as to how best to spend my time in the fall. This is something I do as part of my daily meditation time.  This winter and spring I have felt "over scheduled", partly because I am discovering I like going out in the evening on a regular basis less and less. I tend to commit without thinking, so my goal for spring into summer is to put this into my mental computer and pray briefly on it daily. Life is about balance and between travel and energy levels and other issues, I need to rethink about where that balance should be!
And there you have it. My goals for April, May and June. Because I'm using the blog as my accountability, I plan to post updates of before, during and afters on as many of those goals as I am able (perhaps every other week?) Since many of the above written goals have to do with decluttering or getting in shape, prepare to see all kind of photos-both the good and the bad.

And now, I'm off to drag a chair to my walk in closet. Because you have to start somewhere.

Happy Easter, Everyone!


  1. Just wanted to tell you again how much I love your blog. I'm adjusting to this 'got laid off...likely I am retired now..." time in my life. It has been a much rougher transition than I expected. But I've found such joy in your blog. I appreciate that you are willing to share that with the world, and I want to thank you.

    1. ann, thank you so much, keep stopping by!

  2. I usually set goals in the month leading up to my birthday which is in June.It's my personal "new year." I enjoy reading yours!!

    1. Ive decided that my life changes so much seasonally that i want to try quarterly goals, Madeine. We'll see hw it goes!!

  3. We are having snow flurries and cold weather right now. Spring has sprung but we always have a few set backs.

    God bless.

  4. This seems like an ambitious to-do list for the next 3 months. A sister-in-law says - There is always a list of things left undone. Time management, financial management, goal setting (both short and long term), health maintenance, personal growth - these things don't go away whether engaged in formal work or retired and regardless of age. Here in NE Alberta, Easter brought a spring snow storm. Nothing worse than heavy wet snow. And I thought I could get by with a front wheel drive vehicle. What was I thinking?!?!

    1. Mona, it may be alot of items, but I am taking into consideration ten days of being the "puppy whisperer" at my daughters house. I mean sure, Ill be visint friends for lunch and stuff, but will have more down time during that period.


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