Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Money Saving Monday-Five Frugal Things

This blog is about living richly in retirement-on a fixed income. My writing takes me in all kinds of directions here.  Since I am the Frugal Retiree, and since I am in the process of streamlining my life and finances to the next level, I'm taking a page from some other bloggers. Here are just a few of the frugal things happening this week at Chez Barb (minus photos due to the late hour):  

Love, love love this blog and all of her recipes

  1. I couldn't help it, I got a spiral ham. Knowing that the other people I live with all had to work on Sunday, and that we are not huge on leftover ham. It was Easter, I was in the mood and it was on sale.  So today I cut up potatoes, sliced and cut leftover ham, and made two large casseroles from this great loaded baked potato casserole recipe (with one small change, I sliced instead of dicing to make it look more like scallop potatoes to the unwashed among us). No waste and we can use our salty ham on our own time. 
  2. I'm using some leftovers of my good  yarn to make washcloths in spa colors. A set of three or four would make a nice gift, and while I can't say they will be free (I paid for the yarn once upon a time), it's free to me now. I do intend to make bath salts to go with them for all the women in my family. I'm starting with this pattern and then moving on with my inspiration! 
  3. I got no groceries except for fruit, lettuce, bread and milk.  I've decided to completely eat down our small stand alone freezer so that I can defrost it. Right now, we're eating well. When we get to the very ends, meals could be interesting!! Meanwhile, my grocery budget is non-existent for the moment.
  4. My really good office chair broke after almost 10 years-one of those expensive leather things with arm and a high back. Worth the three hundred dollars I spent, until  I sat down and one of the wheels simply broke in half-leaving the other half in the chair. I despaired both of fixing it, and of finding another one that was less than the original price. In close succession, my daughter informed me that I could have her chair as she doesn't use it, and my son said he thought that the other wheel half could be pulled out-and I may still find the part. Whichever solution I end up with, I came ahead by waiting instead of rushing out for a new chair, ya know?
  5. None of my short pants (crops or shorts) fit me, and I am not into safety pin fashion. The bad news is that the weather is getting warm and I have yet to find things I like (more soft and not jeans-y). The good news is that I'm spending nothing on clothes, for now. I'm also looking at trying out project 333, but making the 33 clothing only.  
I'm using the good old Purl Soho websie (see linke above) as my inspiration for spa sets!

What are your frugal endeavours if any this week?


  1. Hi Barb, I enjoy reading about your experiences in retirement. It is always nice to see what others are doing with their time. I know what you mean about wanting short pants for the warmer weather. I don't know what we ever did without them :-)

    Since you sew, how about finding some fabric and making a few good pull-ons. I have to do that soon myself. As for my own frugal endeavours I've mainly been purchasing things at a discount: hotel rooms at approx 40% which has really helped the pocket, shopping at pharmacy on points day and special offers netted me savings plus 4 tickets to see movies and buying a turkey after Easter saved me about half the cost.

  2. Love the spa cloths.

    You did well on the frugal front.

    God bless.

  3. This is an interesting list exercise that I think I will try. What type of yarn will you use for the washcloths? The pure cotton yarn on Soho site seems quite expensive (but beautiful), and I love seeing the gorgeous color combinations. I have lots of the cotton Sugar N' Cream yarn. Do you think it would work or be too rough for a washcloth?


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