Thursday, May 18, 2017

A Bit of This, A Bit of That......Grandpuppy Version

Today, I left my daughter's house and drove up to my friendly neighborhood Walmart. Ostensibly, this trip was to pick up a bag of vegetables and milk. And I did need those things, as well as a spool of thread.  While I am not a large Walmart shopper, it is what was closest. And though I am not a huge fan, few other places allow me to get sewing thread and groceries and personal product.

 The bigger purpose though, was that I figured I needed to leave my daughter's house at least once this week.  That's right, since I drove my son to the airport I have left the house exactly once-and that was to replace the troubled tablet mentioned in the post above. What's more, I don't feel guilty.

It would seem, friends, that my dog sitting adventure has also become an excuse to do even less than normal. I had intentions, mind you. I could have gone to McKinney trade days, or to the Botanic gardens or even met women from my old church group for lunch. I've done none of that, and I have no regrets.  In fact, I brought this sewing machine, and while I set it up today I have neither experimented with my machine's stitches, nor have I made the sheer kimono top I had intended (in all fairness, I need my daughter to choose fabric).

Last week, of course,  was a different story.  It was a bit of a run around, if you will. I got a dress and helped my daughter try on clothes. I drove my son to and from the airport for his three day visit. I took my kids to the Cheesecake factory. I helped my daughter design her graduation cap (when did decorating your cap become a thing. We of course got our nails done as a family. And last but certainly not least, my darling daughter finished a second college experience and is prepared for grad school in the fall-all while paying her own way, doing an internship and working full time.  Proud?  You bet!

Oh, and only she knows when and where, but apparently there will be a wedding-a real wedding. They've been so long together that I consider Eddie my son in law, but I certainly won't object to a wedding, even if it is at the courthouse!

But back to the lazy week-what have I been doing. Well, besides allowing myself to be shadowed by two beagles, I've been taking them outside multiple times a day for fifteen minutes to half an hour while I read (probably spoiling them for their mom who goes to school and works). I've probably watched more television that I do at home in a month. I've watched the news, I've binge watched TV. I've read three books on my kindle.

I have not been completely zombie-like, though, I promise. I managed to do a little bit of knitting while watching Twin Peaks episodes (in preparation of the new season).  I've managed to outline my crafting book (also while watching mindless TV).    I knitted a few washcloths for my sugar scrub and washcloth kits. I did some designing and planning of menus for the fall-all done while reclining with puppies and watching TV.

My daughter and son in law return on Saturday, and I'll spend a few semi busy days with the whole family. We'll catch up, go out to dinner and hit the movies for Alien: Covenant. Then I'll head home, with no stops and without heading south for the ocean (more about that and why coming soon).

Meanwhile, I have another day and a half of my current, dog sitting, house sitting schedule and I plan to take advantage of it. but sitting on that patio, reading a book and yes, I'm saying it, working on my tan!


  1. That is a nice change of pace from your life at home. It is good to leave the house once in a while, though, I agree.

  2. It's nice to kick back and do very little once in awhile. I wonder why we feel we always have to be doing something. I know I feel guilty when I just while away the days. I hope you don't ;-)

  3. Sometimes doing nothing but changing the pace of your day is the best way to recharge.

    God bless.


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