Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Five Frugal Things-And One Surprise!

While a road trip, even to see family may not appear to be frugal right off the bat, occasional, small changes make a difference. In this case, there was no real sightseeing adventure. The mission was to drive until I dropped, sleep and then drive again so that I could see my daughter, son in law and beautiful grand puppies! To that end:  

  1. I opted for the cheap, local franchise of a national chain (a cut above motel six, trust me), and ended up getting a room with two beds (and double the pillows) for around sixty bucks after taxes and fees. I am an adventurous traveler and have used or will have used bed and breakfasts, airbnb, VRBO, and even looked at house sitting. When it comes to traditional stays though, I have moved from the Motel to the Hotel with all it's differences (more about that later).  Today was an exception.
    Unfrugal is not putting sunscreen on for a sunny, eightee degree, ten hour drive.
  2. I brought my trusty backpack and picnic set, which meant that I could grab stuff from the breakfast bar and bring stuff from home to eat for the two daily meals (I do like to walk and get food in the evening for exercise. Having the picnic basket also allows me to stop and eat wherever the mood strikes rather than at traditional rest stops.  
  3. I shopped from my closet-tentatively. I have a graduation and dinner event while I was here, and I have few dresses that still fit me. Skirts are much easier to alter (or pin) after weight loss, so I have grabbed some nice skirts, tops and shrugs to see if I can fake it. It's the weight loss and clothing issue that may ruin that goal of a no spend June!
  4. I used cruise control to keep my speed even and under control. This is a money saver for the frugal retiree because a. after living in Germany I have a lead foot,  b. I really don't want a 100 speeding ticket, and c. My right leg is the damaged one and too much stepping on that pedal will cost me in money and pain.
  5. I self entertained during those areas where there was no radio by putting Pandora on my tablet. Admittedly I can do that because I have unlimited data. However, I also have decided looking into cost effective audible options. If any readers have thoughts about their experiences with getting books from the library or on audible.com, I would love to hear them. 

    And Athena. Two more are missing, if they would just hold still!
As for the surprise, my daughter and her husband fly out Sunday morning for a trip to Napa (hence my dog sitting visit-four dogs are too many to board). Upon walking into her guest room, I saw this lovely display as her early Mother's Day gift. A bed table I have been wanting for awhile, a beautiful journal with my initials and a Mom water glass. 

Happy early Mother's Day to me! !


  1. We just borrowed an audio book, "Still Life" by Louise Penny, for our trip out to Pennsylvania next week.

  2. What a neat bed table. That was a very thoughtful gift from your daughter. Enjoy your stay and have fun with the dog sitting! I like to download talk show podcasts to my ipod for listening to as I travel.

  3. Nice gift. Enjoy your visit.

  4. I think you have found a perfect way to travel. In so many cases it is just a matter of getting from here to there. The picnic pack is a wonderful idea. Why didn't I think of that?


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