Thursday, May 25, 2017

Girl's Day Out-Winery Edition

So my daughter's very active couple of weeks are finally slowing down-right as I get ready to head for the proverbial hills of Colorado. Our first week was extremely hectic, as my daughter was getting ready for vacation and graduation and so on. Then she ran off to wine country and my second weekend was spent with the dogs. Fortunately, I'm returning in August, and we're making further plans.

Meanwhile, today she had no work, schedule or volunteering. So a girl's day out-a mom and me day if you will-was born.  Our first trip was to a garden store, where my daughter got her aunt a thank you gift-an armadillo wrapped in a Texas flag meant to be a yard ornament. Hey, we love yard stuff and it is uniquely Texas, after all.

Actually a bank, but our yard ornament is very similar

Then, because I have to go to at least one quilt store everywhere I go (even when I am not buying fabric), we went to the local quilt shop next store, where we looked at fabric and I purchased a few fat quarters (smaller pieces of fabric) in colors my daughter loves. I see mix and match napkins in her future.

Our third and final stop was a winery. Yes, Texas has wineries. Tons of wineries in fact.  Who knew? Not I. For years though,  every time I have driven south, I have seen signs for a winery. Right next to the stand that sells peaches and Texas pecans (which I have yet to visit). Since I am always looking for easy thank you gifts when I go away, I figured a bottle of Texas wine would be a good idea. It became an even better idea on my part when I learned how good this winery was, and about the wine industry in Texas.

In terms of production, Texas now comes in behind California, Oregon and Washington. Pretty good, especially if you consider that a third of Texas counties are still likely to be dry. We happened on the Eden Hill  Winery,  just 20 minutes from the house. An award winning winery (see website), it is set in a beautiful area. One can wander the vines, see the chickens and enjoy the pond. They also have regular events including barbecues, live music and more as well as a wine club.

Not the best selfie ever
Now, I am no longer a huge wine drinker. Pre menopause I could drink most men under the table. Post meno? A very little goes a long way. That said, no way was I not going to do some tastings. I mean, two wine flights and some snacks is a fun way to spend an afternoon. In this case we had five tastings each, a large cheese basket (with three cheeses, crackers, marinated pepperoni, and fruit) and fudge flavored with cayenne and wine for $30 give or take. What's not to love! I may have to play with that fudge recipe.

Meanwhile, after my enforced couch sitting and dog walking period, I perhaps understand why even empty nesters sometimes leave the house to read or work. I've outlined both my craft and retirement book wrote and article and knitted a gift-a few goals met!!

And so tomorrow I head home and hit the ground running. I have a busy week before my streamlining, low spend June. 4 June is our annual church silent auction. Rather than auction off things, we generally do primarily services or events. So am auctioning off five trays of Christmas cookies (I need to make tasters), an adult gingerbread party for eight (need to make posters) and a memorabilia quilt. I'll also be cooking for the bake sale

As often happens in retirement, I'm on the couch one week and off the couch the next. And now, off to dinner and to pack, as I slowly meander home tomorrow.


  1. Sounded like a perfect day to me...a little shopping, a little wine and with people you like/love. Doesn't get much better in my book

    1. Me either. A great last day before hitting the road.

  2. Wow Eden Hill is about thirty minutes from my house, will give it a try. Have a safe journey back home.


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