Wednesday, May 31, 2017

This Week In Retirement-and What I'm Reading In July

Thank you for your patience, friendly readers.  I should be back in the proverbial saddle in terms of schedule by tomorrow. I am reminded that one of the advantages of road tripping is that you can take what you will: clothes for two weeks, a large sewing machine, and more. The disadvantages are that it all has to be unpacked. And washed.

Today was my Wednesday book group, where we discussed the current book as well as upcoming books to read. June is the anniversary of our book group and we make plans. If there is a book to movie, we often watch that and then go to lunch. This year we decided to do something different, and are taking a bead stringing class and then hitting the local Macaroni Grill.

July is my month, and I chose American Gods. Because I have the book on my Kindle and still haven't read it. Because there is a very good miniseries on now that adds to our read.  And, just because.

Now that I am done puppy sitting for the moment, and finished with most of my monthly retirement obligations till September, I have made up my list of what I want to read this month.  It's pretty varied and may change or be added to.  That said, right now I have on library reserve the following:

  • The Force by Don Winslow (the best author you are not reading if you have never read the man.
  • Camino Island by Grisham (I've avoided the past few, especially the coal mining in Appalachia book, but giving him another chance)
  • The Devils Triangle-a Brit in the FBI by Catherine Coulter
  • Mississippi Burning by Greg Isles
  • The Sleepwalker by Chris Bohjalian
  • Manitou Canyon by William Kent Kruger
  • The Girls by Emma Cline
  • American Gods (see above)
And there you have it, two novels a week, heavy on the Detective/Police Genre (it's who I am).  Of course fiction is not the only thing I read.  Also on the planned June reading list: a spiritual book called Morning Resolve which matches the morning meditation most Episcopalians use.  A book on SUV RVing, which I expect will be more comedic than realistic for my life, but hey who knows. Because I want to see how the competition writes, other gift giving DYI books. Last but not least a travel book because one of my down the road trips is to take what is known as the Great River Road from NO to Minnesota.

 Enough to keep me busy? Who knows.

In other news of the week at the Frugal Retiree's homestead, Monday and Tuesday was mainly unpacking and getting resettled at home. With a break of course for Memorial Day grilling with friends and family. I also did some planning for my month of no spending (ha!) and my streamlining and  decluttering schedule for the month.

Today I was back in the saddle with said book group and knitting group. I must have been pretty lazy during my gone to Texas time, since tonight I am seriously pooped.  I did manage to grab some hangar steak and veggies and make it through the first episode of Masterchef .

Today I also made three very amateurish posters three of  the things I am auctioning at the church silent auction.  I'm also selling five trays of Christmas cookies, but that poster is already there-but I need to make tasting cookies and the like so that the bids will be high and make the church some money (for outreach, music programs and kids). The frugal retiree prefers  gifts of time and talent as us church folks say, and leave the cash donations for non religous groups I support llike Planned Parenthood.

And tomorrow? Tomorrow I'm gonna take fabric, creativity and sit in that sewing room for a few hours, as well as checking out the seated Silver Sneakers program.  Exercising when you can't walk is challenging. I'm still working on options and we'll see how it goes.

And Friday? Who knows. I leave Friday open for plans. If there is no plan, I can make one. Or, I can sit by the front window and read my book. Or garage sale. In any case it works for me!

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