Saturday, June 10, 2017

Five (or More) Frugal Things This Week

This week, I have been in what I call the storm before the calm. You know, that time AFTER you pull everything out from the center of the closet and before you have it all put away and organized? Thankfully,  I do know there as an end to the organizing. And on other fronts I did have a few frugal successes this week!  
The new backpack I hope to purchase with the money from my sold bags.

  1. We've been eating down the freezer and pantry.  One of my Spring/Summer goals was to completely eat down the freezer. Whether we will empty it out well enough that I can defrost it, who knows. Meanwhile, I have been buying less groceries since I returned from Texas-although as we continue I expect some interesting mish-mash of leftover meals.
  2. I went out to eat twice, and didn't pay a cent either time.   Fear not, the frugal retiree has not turned into a cheapskate.  My sister had a quilt to gift for a wedding this week and no time to finish it, so I have been hand sewing. In exchange, she bought my waffle supreme. And to make the even more frugal, it was free pie night! And today I went to a wool market with a friend and we stopped for Mexican. She offered to pay since I drove and filled my gas tank. A win win for all involved in each case.
  3. I took photos of my many purses and sold a bunch.  I had way way way to many purses, first of all. And second, the money I made selling some of my purse stash will cover the Vera Bradley back pack I've been pining for (since I feel that I should be hands free when I walk now as much as possible.
  4. We've managed to make it until yesterday without turning on the air   I'm keeping it close to eighty, thankfully.  I have some serious house cooling without air conditioning skills after living in the DC area. Open the house at morning and night, close it during the day. Cook as little as possible and use the slow cooker.  Fans, fans fans, and more.  Al of that is no help when the heat hits 92.
  5. I helped my son sell his tools. Since he's no longer landscaping and doing yard clean up, it was time to sell those tools sitting in the garage. I'm not sure how much money they'll bring, but having tools you don't need is not frugal either way. And Bob the truck?  Is now Bob the Subaru Forrester.
  6. I purchased a non stick copper saute pan for $5.00 from Yea, this required spending money, but we need some new pans and this sells for 20 bucks in the store. I really love that there are now dollar store and thrift store equivalents online.
  7. I've exercised free, in the house, all week.  A 30 minute Utube walking program, a chair yoga DVD and an online silver sneakers class all allowed me to stay at home and still work on my health.
And there you have it. Any frugal successes or fails this week on your end?


  1. Great tips, and great reminders. I love the Vera Bradley backpack. I agree that hands-free is the way to go!

    1. Very bradley is my friend, let me tell ya.

  2. I am still trying to get the perfect AC temp. 78 is too cold downstairs and not cold enough upstairs. It was certainly a toasty weekend here in Denver. I have a west facing window on the landing that roasts the upstairs, it has a blind but I need a drape for it as well. I threatened DH that I will put a bed in the unfinished basement if I have to....aside the playing the blind/window/door open-close shuffle, I was playing the "which vents to have opened and which to have closed" shuffle

    1. Fortunately we have one level. Let me tell you it was HOT especially on Saturday. Fortunately I was at an event in Estes, but gee whiz. I actually close one of my living space vents just cause it is right in front of my recliner. At least it's been going down at night so that I can open windows.

  3. Love Estes...have you been to Pagosa Springs yet? I am heading there later today for a work thing.


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