Friday, June 23, 2017

Ladies Day Out-Beads and Quesadillas

You all remember those 98 degree afternoons I had Monday, Tuesday, and yes, even yesterday?  Today? Fifty Degrees. While I am normally not a napper, days like this can persuade me. Tomorrow, 78 degrees. Monday, back to the nineties. Welcome to Colorado!!

One of the best parts of my two book club memberships is that they are not only about the books. That's especially true of the first book group, an off-shoot of my knitting/crafting group that meets weekly at our local independent bookstore. We have Christmas parties, we do field trips, and when appropriate we go see the movie version of books we have read.  Last year we saw The Light Between Oceans after reading the book (for those wondering, we were not impressed with the film).  My book choice for July is American Gods (incentive for me to read this book) and then we'll watch the television series now showing.

June was the two year anniversary of my more recent book group, and it was time for a non-reading celebration.  No books to movies held interest, and when we were chatting about what to "do" for our celebration, one of the suggestions was-beading.  Something which obviously, on the face of it, had nothing to do with reading.  But this book group was born out of a weekly knitting/sewing group that does a bunch of side things, and it sounded like fun. So today, off we went for beading and lunch.

I was really looking forward to today, because no matter how many crafty hobbies I have, and I have a few, jewelry of any kind has not been one of them.  Which I suppose is surprising, because I wear alot of jewelry. Not "good" jewelry mind you. I have been known to take off a wedding or cocktail ring while sewing, put it aside, and never find it again. Good jewelry, even heirloom jewelry is mainly wasted on me.

On the other had I wear earrings all the time. Large dangly earrings, small earrings, and everything in between. In fact, one of my kids tends to joke that while I may have on raggedy jeans, a ten year old sweater and holey socks on a cold winters day when I may never leave the house, I still have on bright earrings and expensive perfume. Hey, it's who I am.

So I was really looking forward to making a piece of jewelry, not having to buy the tools required and having someone willing to help me. Enter the Crazy Merchant, a bright turquoise building housing a huge beading and jewelry store.  We arrived at eleven, and were given our own table which included beading boards, tools and personal lamps for everyone.  The lovely ladies then helped us decide what to make (half of us made beaded bracelets, half leather necklaces). We played with beads and arrangements and ended up with multiple projects.
Much more subtle than my usual jewelry choices. Im more of a lime, turquoise and peach gal.

Not the best selfie, but a quick snap!

I personally went wayyyy  out of my comfort zone. Instead of working with lime or turquoise or rust or the other colors I wear, I went with leather, soft neutrals and wood-to go with a few of the off white/denimy summer outfits I have. Because I went with more casual materials, my necklace was thirteen dollars when done. A friend had gone last week and made a necklace that ran closer to $70, so it depends on the materials.  I really love places like this, because it gives you a chance to make something nice, get help doing it, and not have to have all the various tools and inventory you would otherwise need. And in fact, I can see looking at a really expensive photo in a magazine and going to the Crazy Merchant to try and replicate said necklace.

Locally  we have a bead place, a make your own little terrarium/fairy garden place, and even a place where you can make cupcakes, cakes and gingerbread/Easter/Halloween cake houses. And those are just a few of the "make it mine" things to do.
Not the well known Southern Chain, but an idependent restaurant
 Because ladies day out would not be complete without lunch and a (non-alcoholic) beverage,  our next step was a walk down the road to the local Mexican restaurant. Where we had Quesadillas, Chile Rellenos, Tacos and Fajitas, along with drinks for all.

No wonder I need a nap.


  1. I would enjoy going with friends to a place where we could each make a necklace or bracelet, you had a great idea.

    1. It was great Terra, and I am ready to go back!

  2. You are having a wonderful time in your retirement.Saffron

  3. Jewelry with friends is fun, there's a place here to do that here too. I am a big Neil Gaiman fan and really enjoyed reading "American Gods." Going to reread it. Hope the series does it justice. The cast looks good.


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