Sunday, July 16, 2017

Simple Sunday-This Week In Retirement

Today it's been a mere 85 instead of 95 or a hundred or so outside. This has meant that we've eve been able to leave some screens open and that at two PM the air has yet to go on in our well insulated house (admittedly our comfort level with air tends to be in the upper seventies).

This afternoon I have my monthly meeting at one of the two "Resist" groups I belong to where we will be talking about mid-term elections, and then I will go to church. My extra meeting means that my simple Sunday will be cut short and that dinner will be an "everyone fend for yourself night" of leftover beef roast, pork tenderloin and barbecue chicken.  In the summer my church moves it's 11 AM service to an hour earlier-and since I'm a slow riser I move to the late afternoon service for the summer

This has been a wonderfully quiet, mainly down, summer week. I am truly loving this summer of slowness:

What I Read:  I just finished the newest Linda Castillo Amish mystery, Down a Dark Road.  Earlier in the week I investigated a new to me author, Allison Brennan (the Max Revere series). I rate this series as just okay, after reading the first two books. Next? Either Mr. Mercedes or the new Michael Connelly mystery which is a new series.

What I watched/am watching:   Let's just say I am not one of those folks waiting for the new GOT season to begin later this evening.  This week has been a little psychotic I admit. I've been watching World of Dance.  I also watched the four part series The Defiant Ones, about the birth of Dr. Dre and NWA, as well as music producer Jimmy Levine (Tom Petty and more). For  those wondering why I would watch a series that is at it's heart about rap and hip hop, let me say that I like ALL music. And my kids came of age in Washington DC at the height of both the rap and MTV era. So not only do I love all kinds of music, I have been known to walk through the house when frustrated singing the lines from Gansta's Paradise! And because my son is watching Battlestar Gallactica for the first time, I'm getting a refresher course.

What I'm listening to:  I'm gonna give y'all a little hint here. Amazon music unlimited has as many if not more choices than Itunes. I spent my time this week making two rock and blues playlist and what what I called my "classic sorta" list which includes Gershwin and Slaughter on Tenth Avenue (my favorite short piece of modern classical/semi classical music).

What I worked on this week:  Not a great deal, truth be told. I'm continuing to work on my green shawl and in fact have gotten pretty far on the darned thing.  Today I'm going to cut out a yoga mat bag out of star wars fabric to make for my daughter and take down in August, as well as pillows for her sofa.  I worked a little bit in long hand on my craft book and also took a few pictures of family photos and memorabilia. ***For this summer, I promised myself that I would eat healthy, excercise every day, meditate every day, do some kind of computer time and spend some time in the house-and try to work on one project if the day moves me. So far this is working well, and given me lots of summer downtime.

What I accomplished:  The decluttering of my bedroom and my studio seemed to be a never ending job there for awhile. I'm doing both rooms because my studio is small and some large things are stored in my bedroom. My bedroom is not perfect but at least I know what needs to be done.  I'm not an expert but I'll add that it worked much better for me to first go through closets and drawers and jewelry boxes even though it added to the larger mess and then to start on the larger areas. I also managed to both exercise and do yoga four days this week with my pain level fairly low.

What I've Cooked:  Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Except for two pork tenderloins yesterday. This week coming I hope to get back to that goal of two meals a week. Heck, and maybe even do some baking.

What surprised me this week: I was reminded that small changes can reap big rewards, in this case when it comes to waking up. For years I have gotten up, grabbed this little tin and a soda, and crawled into my big chair to wake up. Problem was, I was wasn't awake enough. Being a night owl is worse, but my sleeping medication makes waking up a half an hour or so process, even when I'm "up".  My solution? Take that previously purchased cooler, add a coke, two hard  boilded eggs and a mini donut or roll and take them to bed. While many readers may be saying "What a lazy girl..." right about now, it's made a huge difference. That extra hour to forty five minutes in bed let's me wake up, have some basic nutrition, pray and meditate-and THEN face the world. Without dragging stuff from my nightstand elsewhere, and without having to "communicate" before I'm ready.  This small change is a win. And remember that bed table I got in May for Mother's Day?  This is a chance to use it!

Notebook, small tablet, candle, prayer beads, and paper. My "morning basket".

Today I am grateful for:  My religious community.  While I don't discuss faith or church often on this blog, I am incredibly lucky to have found a progressive church and one that has a huge sense of community within the church as well as without. I did go to a couple churches prior to this one, and this is not my so called neighborhood church, which is why when I do on rare occasions discuss church, I encourage those who are unhappy to keep on looking. 

First Photo-morning to silver sneakers to lunch to moves (you can do that cause silver sneakers is not high energy and because you don't sweat here in Colorado)

Obviously I need more selfie and the mirror experience!

What else:  I think I've shared with all of you that I have begun using a "fluff and fold" service, where the clothes get dropped off on Monday and are returned some time Thursday. This was a smart decision, and the money trade off I made (more later) was worth it. Only it coincided with my closet downsizing. So for the next week or so, I am doing a "what I wore and where I went" kind of thing in order to make sure that I have the outfits I need. I will probably make this a post when I'm done, but be warned. I am not a fashion blogger and I have chosen a deliberately casual lifestyle.

And what's coming this week?: You'll notice there was no road trip this week!  Next week, girl's day out will be to the Botanic gardens (budgeted for through a membership) and the Calder exhibit. And many photos I am sure.  Elsewhere?  I'd like to get some baking done, get started on that yoga bag. Add another book chapter, and that's it as far as goals and outings this week.

Happy Sunday to all!


  1. Your week and how you spend your time sound like a great match for you. I found a church several years ago, after visiting 5 churches. We do lots of outreach to help people, tomorrow we host a big event for homeless people at our church where we give people hair cuts, take their photos for their own use if they want, give them new clean socks, point them to job opportunities, etc. All good. Hey, I would like that Botanic gardens visit you will enjoy next week.

    1. Sometimes it takes time to find the church that fits for you. I have three or four neighborhood places, but this one is the right fit for me!

  2. So often in retirement, I'm asked, "What's new?" and this format helps with a response.
    What I'm reading: Ken Follett's "Fall of Giants" and Paul Kalanithi's "When Breath Becomes Air"
    What I watched: Calgary Stampede and WPCA chuckwagon races
    What I listened to: my new favorite artist is JJ Shiplett - Something to Believe In (JJ is a Calgary-based artist). I wanted to download some new music (Little Big Town & Hozier) but had difficulty with ITunes & ipod.
    What I worked on: the yard is trimmed and the perennial and veggie garden are weeded
    What I accomplished: I'm knocking off some of the summer bucket list. Mom delivered some saskatoons to add to the summer fruit harvest.
    What I cooked: roast pork on the BBQ; red pepper pasta; tonight - trout with the leftover pasta and a broccoli salad
    What I'm grateful for: safety and good health. My sister's friend just died of cancer in her early 50's; people in interior BC are being evacuated because of the threat of wildfires.
    What surprised me: a bear meandered west of the vegetable garden.
    What I'm looking forward to: a trip to a lake west of Prince George in BC to visit with family.

    1. Mona, did you see that there's a third book comin out in the "Pillars of the EArth" series? I am counting the day. A bear-lol. I have had a mountain lion but no bear so far

  3. A community is important, religious or not. Anyway, it sounds like you're developing a good balance of relaxation and activity, a balance that works well for you.

    1. And somehow I keep adding a little more relaxation as I age, lol


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