About me/Contact

Hi There!

I'm Barb. In 2005 I was living in Germany with my husband and teenage son.

In 2006 my husband passed away, leaving me with $650,000 in life insurance and nothing else.

In 2012 that money is gone.  Between grief, loneliness, depression, lack of planning, and moving my family half way across the world, I now have no savings. What I do have is a pension, my husband's social security a positive attitude and determination that life is to be lived, especially during retirement..

My life (and this blog) are both about where I am, right now. My goal is to learn, and share, how to live richly in retirement with the finances, skills and other assets I have.  I believe that one can live on a small, limited or fixed income (within reason) and still manage to have a rich retirement.  Many retirees are finding they have retired on less than they had hoped. While this can be an adjustment, it does not mean that life is over, or that you have to give up plans and dreams.  It does mean you can't have it all, but that is true of everyone, no matter how much money they make.

This blog is about the life I live, on a limited budget. I blog about "frugality" and single retirement. I also blog about day to day life-my road trip travels, quilting, cooking, my friends, and more.  After all, what better way to show a rich retirement than to show how I manage it day to day!

I love comments, and hope you come back often!