Welcome to Living Richly In Retirement! I'm Barb and I write about having a full retirement life, no matter the income. As a retiree on a fixed income, I write about my own retirment journey, financial and otherwise. Primary topics on this blog include fixed income living, single retirement, retirement and women, saving and earning money in retirement, and frugal retirement travel-along with general articles about life in retirement.

Most of the readers here at Living Richly in retirement are already retired,  or they are entering those last few money earning and preparation years that come before retirement. Some are early retirees, some are not. Readers of this blog have a variety of incomes. The bottom line is that while my readers have a variety of interests and perspectives they have two primary areas of focus. First, to learn to maximize the assets currently available (from both a financial and lifestyle perspective), and second they are looking forward to the future. Again in place, health care, and solo aging are all topics of interest to the readers of this blog.

I am always looking for products that may be interesting to my readers, and giveaways and contests are welcome. If you are interested in a guest, or sponsored post, I would love to speak with you, and as such you can contact me at either or

 Should you wish to write on retirement finances, please consider that my primary audience is already retired. So articles about how to maximize 401K savings are probably not a good fit, as would be a discussion of starting an IRA or 401K for college students. On the other hand, articles about maximizing current income, side hustles for retirees, the costs and benefits of assisted living or other topics would be more appropriate.

Thanks for your consideration and I look forward to working with you.

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